Q:  How Do I Know if the Bra Size is the Correct Size?

A:  1. The band is snug around the chest, fastened in the center set of hooks, but there is room to put two fingers under the band without discomfort.

2. The bra band is not riding up in the back between the shoulder blades. A band that rides up usually indicates that the band is too large

3. The center of the bra front is not tacking to the chest. Women with large or full breasts are frequently a challenge to fit. If the bra cannot contact the chest at the center, it may indicate that the cups are too small. Take your time to find the best fit.

4. There are no wrinkles across the bra cups. Wrinkles across the bra cups can indicate that the cups are too large. It can also be that the cups are too full for the customer, so look for a bra with a more shallow cup in the same size.

Q: Caring for the Breast Form

The best way to care for the breast form is to care for it as one does for one’s body:

(a) Mild soap and water after wearing,

(b) No sharp objects or pets which might puncture the skin.

(c) Put the form in its travel case nipple side down when not being worn.

(d) The breast form can be worn in a swimsuit. However, the form should be rinsed of chlorinated water as soon as possible, just as you would rinse your skin.

(e) When form covers are used, be sure to wash and air dry often.

Q:  How  Should a Breast Form be washed?

A breast form should be hand washed with the same gentle cleansers a woman uses in the shower or bath. If the breast form is worn in the bra pocket, it will only require occassional washing. Breast forms that are worn against the skin should be washed each night and stored in the case.

Q:  How should ABC bras be laundered?

Bras should be hand washed or placed in a lingerie bag- hooks fastened– and washed in the gentle cycle of a washing machine. Never put bras in the dryer as the heat may damage the elastic and/ or molded cups.

Q: Why do I need to use a mastectomy bra for my breast forms?

The most important aspect of comfort when wearing a breast form is the bra fit. A saggy old bra is frequently the first cause of neck and shoulder pain. A mastectomy bra, as opposed to the regular bra, provides extra support on the band of the bra so that there is less strain on the shoulder and neck.  Proper care of the bras would include delicate washing and air drying.

Q: What is the warranty on the products?

Silicone breast forms are warranted free from defects for two years from the date of your purchase. Warranty information is provided in each breast form package.