Mastectomy Bras – Philippines

Going Beyond Skin-Deep: The Psychology Behind Mastectomy Bras and Breast Prosthetics
Mastectomy bras are undergarments specially designed for women who have undergone the procedure of mastectomy or breast surgery due to breast cancer. The interiors of bras for mastectomy patients are fitted with breast forms made of silicone gels, foam, or fiberfill interior – breast prostheses, to give it its shape and provide the appearance of a fuller chest for the patients.

An Affordable Alternative to Breast Reconstruction
Bras for mastectomy patients or breast prosthesis Philippines is an alternative to breast reconstruction. Breast construction is the procedure which requires a plastic surgeon to reconstruct the form of the breast by taking tissues from other parts of the patients’ body (autologous tissue), or prosthetic (silicone gel), or both, and implanting it on the chest.
Breast reconstruction can be done immediately right after the mastectomy, or the patient may wait until a few months or years before they feel they are ready to undergo another chest surgery, for reconstruction this time. In most cases, mastectomy patients or breast cancer patients who are thinking of undergoing mastectomy, prefer the more affordable and the less invasive form of getting their female form back.
Opting for breast prosthesis Philippines also reduces the chances of breast reconstruction failures – as many cases have already been reported in the U.S. Because breast prosthesis is non-invasive compared to breast implants, it also lowers the risk of complications during another surgery.

How Do Breast Forms and Mastectomy Bras Help Breast Cancer Survivors?

Cancer survivors and mastectomy patients have wounds that go beyond the physical. Everyone knows surgery and cancer patients undergo emotional and physical trauma. After being diagnosed with cancer and after undergoing such an invasive and physique-changing treatment as a breast surgery for cancer patients, it doesn’t take an oncologist and psychiatrist to detect symptoms of depression in the patient that only come natural with losing a part of your body.
In extreme cases where breasts are oftentimes viewed as a mark of true femininity, losing ones breast or breasts to cancer could oftentimes be seen as losing one’s femininity. For this reason, every breast cancer patient needs all the help they can get in getting their self-confidence and self-esteem back.
Bras for mastectomy patients are more affordable than breast reconstruction, and less physically traumatic as it is non-invasive. It can be slipped on in the morning and taken off at the end of the day. More importantly, doing so provides the cancer survivor with half the comfort of still being able to do the act of feminine affirmation – slipping on and taking off a bra – that they have been doing for years before the surgery, such as shared by Karina

I was diagnosed with breast cancer when I was 37 yo. I went to Confianza to have an external prosthesis. Reconstruction was an option but I would not want to have extra surgeries for now. I like the feel of their breast form.
Karina, professional, 38 yo

For professionals undergoing mastectomy, appearing sickly can also greatly affect their careers and profession. More than aesthetic appeal, mastectomy bras Philippines also serve a more practical end such as keeping your job and advancing in your career.
I am a lawyer at 34 yo when I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer. I wanted to feel normal with a breast prosthesis. I don’t want to look like I’m sick in front of my peers or my clients because they may have doubts that I can do my job well. So I went to Confianza for some really nice wigs to keep me looking in tip top shape. They were very nice as to suggest which type of hair style will suit me. I like their headwear too and I can use them on leisure days. Susan, 37 yo
Types of Bras for Mastectomy Patients
Unlike common undergarments, mastectomy bras Philippines are sold by undergarment manufacturers that specialize in post-operative care equipments and apparels. Aside from the forms, makes and materials – silicone gel, foam, or fiberfill interior – bras for mastectomy patients also have specific requirements that help make it easier for cancer survivors to wear.
For one, bras for mastectomy patients take into consideration the possible restricted mobility of patients caused by lymphedema or pain from surgery when putting on and taking off the bras. For this reason, mastectomy bras may have back or front clasps for opening and closure, depending on the preference of the patient.
Right after the breast cancer surgery or until the chest wound heals, bras for mastectomy patients will just be limited to the soft, post-surgical forms. These are the lightweight removable types that are worn in tank top and camisole types, the soft cup, and seamless t-shirt bras or embrace bras with attached foam breast forms.

There are bras for mastectomy patients that feature intricate laces with Micro Fiber fabric and convertible straps so the patient can wear it halter, criss-cross. Clear straps are also included so the traps don’t show when worn over formal off-shoulder gowns. She can have different breast forms or breast prostheses for each different activity like swimming, sports activity, for formal wear, or for regular, day-to-day tasks.
For breast cancer survivors who live an active lifestyle, embrace bras that feature high neckline, high side panels that provide better support and more secure fit are more ideal.
Eventually, when the wound closes up and begins to heal, the patient will have more options to choose from. Mastectomy bras Philippines are more varied and aren’t limited to bras alone. Swimsuits of different styles and designs, sports bras, and leisure bras for easy, comfortable, day-to-day use at home are one less reason to worry about their breast surgery post-op look.
I also like the different bras that Confianza offers because they are very comfortable and durable. When I feel like exercising or just going to the office I wear a different type of bra to suit my activity. I also bought myself a wig from Confianza. Since I have to undergo more treatment I didn’t want people to stare at me because I didn’t have any hair. Their wigs look so natural and so easy to wear. I feel very comfortable and confident. Karina, professional, 38 yo

How To Choose and Fit a Mastectomy Bra

Bras for mastectomy patients should be sturdy enough to hold the breast form or breast prosthesis without being a discomfort to the patient. Some of the best mastectomy bras have pockets where the breast forms – whether they be made of silicone gels, foams, or fiberfill can be easily slipped into the cup pocket and can be firmly held in place.
Non-Silicone Vs Silicone Breast Prosthesis
Apart from the obvious weight difference in silicone gel breast prosthesis and the foam breast prosthesis, another difference between the two is that the silicone ones are specially weighted and specifically formed to simulate or imitate the nature tissues and muscles of the breasts. Therefore, silicone breast prostheses move, look, and feel natural compared to foam or fiberfill prosthesis. In addition, because of the silicone’s relative weight, it also helps balance the chest posture. Foam and fiberfill breast forms, on the other hand, are ideal for swimming, exercise.
If it’s any consolation to breast cancer survivors and mastectomy patients, undergoing mastectomy now does not have to be the social stigma that it used to be a few years ago. Now with the aid of mastectomy bras Philippines, women are more empowered to save their lives without having to sacrifice their feminine form.